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"I'm all about being open to receiving the signs the universe gives to us all."


The word PROSPER has its' origins in mid-14th century Old French language, prosperer  and is directly from the Latin prosperare  which means, "cause to succeed, render happy".  Other meanings of the word Prosper include favorable, agreeable, according to one's hope.  It is from the combination of pro"for" + ablative of spes (hope", from PIE root (spe) meanings to flourish, succeed, thrive" . 

This word sums up in seven letters the force that drives Jeremy and Darya in their personal lives, their professional lives, and of course their lives as real estate investors.  

The team is focused on helping people find hope when they otherwise see nothing but hopelessness, especially when it comes to stress-related property ownership.  Their work and passion for helping people succeed is what makes THEM a tremendous success.  

Team Prosper Real Estate Investments works hard to bring you options so you can make a smart, informed decision about your future with home ownership.

Jeremy Janese is a Pharmacist by day and a real estate investor guru by night and weekends. He received his undergraduate studies at the University of Buffalo, Amherst, NY; and his Doctor of Pharmacy from D'Youville College School of Pharmacy.  "Dr. J"  is also a certified instructor for Insanity, a mix-interval training routine he teaches in groups.

Jeremy enjoys all types of sports and fitness activities, believing strongly that a healthy body, as well as a healthy mind, is one of the keys to a long, successful, and happy life.  Jeremy's positive energy and ability to help people see light where there once was darkness, is one of the many attributes that draw people to him.  He has been playing hockey for ten years, bowling for over 25 years, and is into most fitness routines with the exception of golf.  

What he brings to the table as an investor, besides his countless hours of training and education, is the ability to help people see beyond their current situation.  He guides people to name and make goals, and he approaches every situation with an open ear, a focused mind, and with the best interest of his clients in mind.  

"...people will try to sway you from your desires and faith. This is only because they have given up on their dreams already.
​Believe in yourself".

Jeremy Janese - Owner

Darya was born in Russia and moved to the United States at the age of 4 (and still speaks fluent Russian).  She has been a Buffalo Gal since then!  She graduated from the University of Buffalo, and has been working in social work with the mentally ill for the last 10 years.  

​Darya has a love of all things fitness and considers herself a HUGE nutrition buff.  She has a need to be near water (beaches, oceans, ponds...any source of water); and as long as there is an outdoor activity available, you'll find her there!

Darya is new to the real estate investment world, but has spent countless hours studying and being mentored by some of the country's best.  Her passion for helping people, and her genuine approach to business, is a breath of fresh air for her clients and partners. 

Darya is inspiried by life to help people lead a positive life and to learn first and foremost to love themselves.  She enjoys helping people to change their mindsets and rid themselves of negative energy in their lives. She is currently working on her certification as a Life Coach. 

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Founded: 2016

Owner: Jeremy Janese
Partner: Darya Shchenina


Areas of expertise: 
Real Estate Investing, REI, REIA, Private Real Estate Investing Single Family Homes, Multi-Family, Land and Commercial

We have equity partners around the country, and together, we seek properties of various types to purchase.  We wholesale contracts and participate in rehabs.  Single family homes, multi-family dwellings, land, commercial and mixed-use property.

We are NOT licensed realtors, real estate agents, brokers, accountants or attorneys. We are a private real estate investment firm. Our focus is on helping people divest themselves of unwanted property. We invest in the future of communities, helping to rehab and improve neighborhoods one house at a time. 

Darya Shchenina - Partner